Welcome to Aja Symone. A unique place where I question and share ideas surrounding the notion of what it means to be an American woman of the day. This is a space for women to share and question ideas that shape their worldview. Here you will find the freedom to be you, share your experience, and bond with other women in the mix.  As you read through such themes as beauty, fashion, lifestyle and politics, I hope you will resonate with some of my shared thoughts. My dedication is to the experience we will share and making sure your voice has a home here.  

 To be heard, acknowledged, and respected. With you, I look forward to exploring all the realms of life and ideas that affect women most. From the standard of beauty to the lack of control that women have over their health. We will have the hard conversations, those that may push you to say, ‘oh she’s lost it!’. Share what resonates with you and comment on how you feel about it, so we can create a dialogue. Come with me as I embark on this journey of Redefining the American Girl.



The New Mold

I AM WOMAN! . . . Right? Often we only speak of the success stories of women and blur and mumble over all the small and life-altering triumphs. Often identifying the power and influence of women is usually left as whispers among the ears of those are willing to listen. But here you will find Aja Symone to be both a person and a place that willing to showcase all of what women are, and can be.

Being a woman is known to be controversial, in identity, sexual orientation and even in pure existence. Daily we test societal standards of what we can be. Breaking and forming new molds, expanding the narrative for all of the women that will soon grow into the footsteps that lie before them. To be limitless in your ingenuity and ambition is THE goal. 


A curator of experience navigating the many intersections of beauty, culture, and fashion through a unique gaze of the life and style.

Food for thought

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” 

Audre Lorde
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Violated space especially personal space can shift and change a person’s worldview impacting their life in ways that aren’t always seen by the naked eye. Not That Bad | Dispatches from Rape Culture highlight the blind matters many of us refuse to address or acknowledge.

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What is life without amazing women? Women whom we know to be both ingenious and creators of trends and life. We are talking to them all hoping they drop some gems about this journey we call life. 

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